JADE is the culmination of Monica Shah and Karishma Swali’s creative spirits, their love for 

hand-craftsmanship and devotion for Indian heritage. They started this label with one goal in mind: to design

couture pieces for women like themselves – free-spirited, discerning and who make their own rules,

someone who walks the line between heritage and modernity with élan. Their passion for Indian artisanal excellence

and their enthusiasm for modern innovations gives birth to a unique aesthetic; one that is quintessentially

Indian yet distinctly global.

We are Monica & Karishma, the creative forces behind JADE. We share a deep passion for design, art,

traditional craftsmanship and Indian heritage. After working with esteemed couture houses in Italy,

we decided to combine our love for our roots with the international know-how we gathered through

our work and return to India.


Our vision is to not only keep the flame of Indian artistry burning so bright, it lights up the world; but also

empower women to embrace their unique individuality. Thus, JADE, is a celebration of Indian heritage,

global belonging and femininity.