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The Designers


Monica & Karishma

JADE is the brainchild of Monica Shah & Karishma Swali who founded the label to redefine Indian bridal dressing and give brides across the globe an ensemble that truly reflected their individuality.

Having worked with some of the most sought-after fashion houses in Italy, the duo realised that Indian crafts and artistry was at par with international expectations, and deserved its due.

The designers are passionate about India’s artisanal heritage, design and using couture as a language of self-expression. They travel across the country and globe to find new ways to mould traditional techniques into.

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Jade Brides

The JADE Bride is unlike any other. She’s a dreamer and a doer, she’s rooted in her heritage but at the same time a citizen of the world. The JADE Bride isn’t afraid of doing what’s considered unconventional. The JADE Bride celebrates the heritage that makes her unique, while effortlessly blurring barriers of geography. She has a keen attention to detail and a discerning taste that automatically draws her towards rich and rare Indian crafts and techniques.

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Limited Edition. Couture Edit.
Ektaar -
The Enchanted Legacies

Ektaar literally translates to ‘One Wire’ and is basically embroidery done using one single strand of thread. Popularised in the Mughal Era, this technique has been revered for its complexity and sheer magnitude of labour since the very beginning. Delicate, rare and transcendental in all its beauty – to own an Ektaar outfit is to own a piece of history, a treasure of heritage, a masterpiece. It represents the epitome of fine craftsmanship. But more than that, it represents the seamless mingling of various eras, a reminder that our roots form the very essence of our creations, and that our heritage is timeless. Emerging from this thought is a very special collection - comprising some of our rarest and most limited-edition pieces.


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Jai vakeel Foundation

Our students collaborated with the Jai Vakeel Foundation to craft wrist-bands to help create awareness around Intellectual Disability.