“Alekhya is an ode to those sweet moments from our younger days that later went on to not just shape us but even inspire so many of our designs. For us, this collection is brimming with a magical effervescence. Like, being suspended in your own little fairy tale bubble – unperturbed by conventions. Even the photoshoot, held in an ancient heritage building, felt like we were being whisked away by traditions and history. After all, isn’t that what love is all about being lost in your own version of wonderland and finding joy in something that’s so unique and precious to you? Alekhya is the canvas we want the brides to drape themselves in, for an ethereal retelling of their own love story.”

‘Summer Meadows’ is a marriage of traditional handcrafting techniques
inspired by Taj Mahal and contemporary aesthetics. French knots and floral
motifs add a touch of quaint romanticism, while cape-style jackets in sheer
fabrics bring in a modern vibe.

The intricately hand-carved inlays of Taj Mahal are interwoven with motifs andcolours fresh out of their grandmother’s lovingly tended flower gardens.