The Kolkata Monica knows and have found myself falling in love with is the one seen through Tagore’s eyes. Through his poems, songs and stories that were a staple in our home. On her first visit to Kolkata, she knew she had to experience his home and his writings in a whole new light. The beauty of the place, much like the relevance of Tagore’s works have never dimmed.

Rabindranath Tagore has always been ahead of his time, telling stories of women whose spirits resonate with our own today. Tagore’s women were iconic in their own right, and taught Monica a lot about femininity, about swimming against the tide and unabashedly embracing her individuality. Now, as a designer with over twenty years into this journey, she considers it only fitting to pay homage to these invaluable learnings in a way she knows best – exploring couture through two of Tagore’s most resonating female characters, namely Charulata and Mrinmoyee.

Every woman in Tagore’s writings leaves her mark on the reader. But, it is Mrinmoyi from ‘Samapti’ and Charulata from Nastanirh that made their way into the heart and never really left. Mrinmoyee’s childlike exuberance and gumption taught us to never let our inner child die. While Charulata’s passion and desire to take control of her own life gave us the courage to define the course of our own journey in a society that continues to question every move a woman makes. Somewhere along the line, the feisty spirit and strong personas of these women shaped Monica’s own perception of the JADE bride, and the women she would design for.


Gamine. Flamboyant. Fiercely independent. 

Mrinmoyee refuses to be held back by society’s expectations of how a woman is supposed to look, speak and behave. She marches to the beat of her own drums, and doesn’t hesitate of pushing back and questioning the status quo. Her freewheeling laughter, her lack of inhibitions, her unconventional spirit have much inspiration to offer for young girls today, to be unapologetically themselves, and to take on life’s transitions and journeys on their own terms.


Dreamer. Ambitious. Passionate.

Charulata is a dreamer who refuses to stay idle, as a docile housewife. Her unassuming intellect, artistic bent, duality of coming into her own as a modern woman within a traditional framework and her eagerness to learn resonate deeply with the women of today who balance so many facets of their lives with unmatched poise and grace. Through Charulata, we learn to take control of our own desires and ambitions.


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