Bridal Ensemble In Lockdown

Planning and pulling off a wedding in today’s times have taken on a whole new meaning. Even the most delightful part of the preparations i.e., bridal lehenga shopping now feels daunting and confusing. You may already have had to make so many changes to what your dream wedding will look like. But that doesn’t mean you have to cut corners when it comes to your dream lehenga. Help is at hand just for you. We’re here to guide you and help you find your dream bridal lehenga during lockdown!
  • Something borrowed

    There’s something truly magical and beautiful about adding something of heirloom value, borrowed from your grandma or passed down from your mother, to your bridal trousseau. Your mother’s wedding blouse, your grandma’s ornate jewellery… these are beautiful, meaningful things that can make your wedding feel even more precious. This also makes the work of putting your bridal ensemble together easier. Pro-tip: make an heirloom item your statement piece and build the rest of your ensemble around it!

  • Plan ahead

    It always helps to know exactly what you want and don’t want in your lehenga. Take some time to do your research, understand your own needs, likes and dislikes. What kind of bride do you envision yourself to be? The clearer a picture you have about this, the easier the rest of the process will be.

  • Trust a professional

    Trust us, you don’t want to wing this, what with so many logistical challenges already in place! Reach out to an expert in bridal-wear, talk to them about your vision, see if there’s a synergy and proceed accordingly. They will also have all the materials needed, plus will carry out the entire process in the safest way possible. For instance, we at JADE, have been doing online bridal consultations for the past year now for brides within India as well as abroad. And the entire process is immensely seamless and collaborative, no matter where in the world the bride is!

  • Trust the process

    We understand the scepticism behind getting a bridal lehenga made online. After all, there’s so many things to consider, most important of all: the fitting! At JADE, we send you swatches by post, so you can choose the right colour, fabric, and embroidery yourself. We also host multiple Zoom video sessions and guide you through taking the most accurate measurements of yourself. Post that, we send you the ensemble for multiple rounds of fittings, until you get the ensemble that’s made just for YOU.

  • Keep an open mind

    While it’s important to have a vision and know what you want, we also recommend leaving some room for experimentation. Creating a bridal lehenga is a very intimate, emotional, and collaborative process. Trust your designer to understand your vision and elevate it with their own originality. Let ideas flow. Brainstorm together. You never know what magic will come out of it, but we assure you it’ll be beautiful!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help, ask questions and take your time. You can book an online bridal consultation with us to get started. Contact us to know more details of the process!

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