Bringing Heirlooms into Modern-Day Dressing

How many of us have spent our time just lovingly gazing at the exquisite heirloom jewellery passed down to us from our mothers and grandmothers? Or picked up some unique trinkets from travels across the country and the world, only to stash it away in the closet? I understand the feeling!

All the ornaments in my possession are treasures for me – pieces I have collected from my travels from Kutch to London. For the longest time, I believed that these heirlooms were too special to be brought out. But, over the years, heirloom silver ornaments have become an inseparable part of my personal style. The beauty of these pieces is in its handcrafted artistry, subtle opulence and timeless beauty. They effortlessly breathe new life into every ensemble they’re paired with – be it modern or traditional, glamorous or functional.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we don’t have to wait for a special occasion to roll in to look and feel special. It’s up to us to create those special moments ourselves and express ourselves in unique ways! For me, that’s through heirloom silver jewellery, handcrafted accessories and vintage trinkets. When we were putting together the looks for Handcrafted Occasion Wear – our luxury pret line, I saw the perfect opportunity to not just express my love for this fusion styling, but also give you some inspiration to bring out your own treasures and add them to your ensembles, creating unique signature looks.

Where to begin?

If you’re just starting out with experimenting with new silhouettes and statement silver jewellery, I would suggest starting with an ensemble that’s monochrome, acting as a blank canvas. For instance, this ensemble features a pair of dhoti trousers and an off-shoulder wrap top. We have accessorised it with a silver choker, a handcuff and an anklet. Since the palette is tonal, the handcrafted mules from JADE Accessories are picked in a similar palette to bring the entire look together.

Play with Textures

Silver handcrafted jewellery is beautifully detailed and textured. This serves as the perfect opportunity to experiment a bit and create a surreal interplay of textures between jewellery and fabrics. Case in point: this monochrome but textural ensemble. The top is handcrafted with macrame. The skirt is tie & dye. It’s paired with a hand-embroidered hand fan from Kutch, along with heirloom silver jewellery, notably the silver belt that effortlessly defines the silhouette!

Play around a bit!

When it comes to personal style, I truly believe that the best rule is the ones you make up by yourself, for yourself! The idea is to fall in love with the idea of dressing and wearing pieces you love and enjoy. And to that end, you should do what brings you joy! Don’t shy away from pushing the envelope a bit, deviating from the norm and experimenting a bit more boldly with prints, colours and textures. For instance, following our first point of using monochrome outfits as a canvas, we’ve styled this look with an embroidered jacket, a handcrafted vintage phulkari shawl from Punjab, an embroidered belt from Kutch, along with heirloom silver jewellery and handcrafted mules from JADE Accessories. Also, notice those colourful bangles? Those are pot holders women in Kutch use to carry water on their heads. But, look at their versatility!

All in all…

The idea is to let our personal style express who we are, while also honouring our personal journey, our heritage and our roots. I believe this is one delightful way to do it! It’s going to take some trial and error, but the more you do it, the better you become at it. I would love to hear about how you style your heirloom treasures and travel finds!