Cultural Heritage Inspiration

Indian culture and its artisanal heritage has always been one of the key pillars and the cornerstones of JADE. We’ve always believed that couture goes beyond glamorous ensembles. It an opportunity to tell the story of our crafts and celebrate the versatile of heirloom artistry.

Silver jewellery is one of the cornerstones of craftsmanship among the communities in Kutch. The beauty of silver is in its subtlety. It radiates a soft glow and carries a unique charm that has always fascinated us. In Indian bridal wear, gold has always been a mainstay. But silver is surely deserving of attention, especially in couture. As a metal, it’s a beautifully ductile and malleable, and can be made into threads that can be woven into fabrics. This is what became the inspiration for our collection ‘Shubhra’.

Shubhra for us represents the purity of hope and the glimmer of new beginnings. We wanted to create ensembles that capture the magical feeling of a wedding itself, while honouring the beauty of heirloom silver. It captures the magical feeling that weddings have… the ethereal, dreamlike mood. The ensembles of Shubhra demonstrate that Indian bridal wear can be glamourous without all the heavy work. It can capture the beauty of bridal-wear without having to stick to the usual reds and golds. These ensembles have that soft silvery sheen that create such a fascinating play of light! And to think it’s done with thread-work… mind-blowing!

For the longest time we have seen Indian crafts and techniques being labelled as old-world and archaic, as if it finds no place in the present world. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether it’s Indian jewellery or fabrics, they are beautifully versatile and can be easily adapted to create modern forms. In fact, heirloom silver jewellery is a mainstay in our day to day style. In fact, I – Monica – love adding vintage silver jewellery to my day to day style, as it adds a unique touch to the look and completely elevates even the simplest of outfits, without going over the top, the way gold does!

In our campaign, we go one step further in our homage to silver by incorporating our archival silver jewellery into the styling – to show you that these pieces don’t belong in the past! So many of these pieces date back to centuries. But the artistry and intricate detailing are simply timeless. Besides, is there anything more beautiful than adding a piece of beautiful ancient history to your ensemble? We don’t think so!