Chanakya School of Craft

JADE is driven by a belief to help sustain and evolve Indian arts and crafts, as well as to empower the artisanal community and the women from less fortunate backgrounds to be masters of their own destiny. This belief sowed the seeds of The Chanakya School of Craft, under the patronage of our parent company Chanakya International.

When you choose a JADE creation, this legacy becomes yours as much as it is ours.

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Together we create, together we grow, together we build a sustainable future. We’re so proud and honoured to have these stellar personalities join our movement to create a tomorrow that is inclusive, where dignity, diversity and acceptance are valued, treasured and nurtured. These celebrities have lent their support to The Jaivakeel Foundation and Chanakya School of Craft to minimise intellectual disability and make knowledge and resources accessible to those who need it

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 @dior Spring-Summer 2020 Haute Couture show. The set displays a series of large appliqued and embroidered panels posing a range of questions around the role and power of women through the ages.

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21 panels. Over 2800 hours. A month long journey. And the result - a spectacular show by Maria Grazia,

Judy Chicago and the entire team! 

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