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 A seasonless talisman which can amp up any outfit or setting with the power of its chic. Thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of mindful luxury and inspired by the seven chakras and nature, this handcrafted pure silver bag is made by master silversmiths from Bengal with unfettered love and devotion. The work evokes visions of a moony paradise. A green malachite stone adds a final touch.

  • MRP inclusive of detachable silver chain and detachable blue macramé belt.
  • How to care :-
  1. Keep it in a cool, dark place – preferably in a sealed bag
  2. To keep it clean, gently rub your silver with the cleaning liquid provided
  3. Use a soft polishing cloth or mitts to keep these in pristine form 
  4. Do not use any other liquid as it may damage your plated bag

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