Monica & Karishma Couture is our bridal couture line, emerging from our dream to elevate bridal dressing

to an art form. After completing a decade in Indian couture, we wanted to take things a step further in not only bringing a bride’s dream wedding outfit to life, but also building a unique experience for her.

And so, Monica & Karishma Couture was born.


Our aim is to reinvent Indian artistry and enhance the entire experience of crafting a bridal outfit from just

an idea, through our signature limited-edition ‘Ek Taar’ pieces that have high artisanal value.

Under Monica & Karishma Couture, we will co-create the ensemble with the bride, making the process immersive and collaborative for herThus, making each piece truly unique and giving the outfit high emotional value.


This is an ode the M&K Bride. At any point, one can find only three pieces of anyM&K Couture outfit.

If that wasn’t enough, the entire packaging will be personalised too – intricately crafted ensembles with a personalised label lovingly packed in a special trunk, along with a hand-painted sketch signed by the designers. Thus, the outfit transcends from being a mere piece of clothing to a keepsake,

a masterpiecein the couture connoisseur’s collection.