Bridal Wear In The Time of Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings have taken on a whole new significance in present day. It has inspired us to step away from the clutter, the chaos and the flurry of activity, and truly pause, ponder and appreciate the things that really matter. This takes on an even special meaning when it comes to Indian bridal-wear. We’re sharing some of our thoughts and insights on what to look for in your bridal ensemble during this time and beyond.

Mindful Luxury

The beauty of an intimate Indian wedding is that it leaves so much room for making mindful choices. Your ensemble can truly reflect who you are, your story and your personality. You are empowered to spend time looking at the little details that lend themselves to the big picture. All this to say, you create space for buying lesser, but more valuable things that can effortlessly withstand the test of time and seasons.

Heirloom Value

If this time has taught us one thing, it’s to leave something beautiful and rich with story for our future generations. As a Millennial Bride, your bridal ensemble offers the perfect opportunity to start your own little heritage, with an heirloom pieces you can call your own and lovingly pass down to the future. Our Ek Taar bridal lehengas are handcrafted to serve this exact purpose. Its timeless artistry ensures that they continue to hypnotise and work their magic many years from now too.


Choose garments that are not just glamorous but a true celebration of your roots and your heritage. Our artisans pour their labour, their heart and soul into crafting each piece by hand. Thus, the ensemble is elevated from being a clothing item to a work of art, owing to its elaborate artistry, fine craftsmanship and superior attention to detail. These handcrafted couture pieces are so carefully crafted that you’ll find something new and beautiful every time you look at it. Its beauty never ceases!


When you choose a handcrafted Indian bridal lehenga, you choose to revive dying crafts, sustain the communities that practice it, and above all, sustain the environment at large. Our bridal ensembles are handcrafted in a way that maintains ample versatility for you to experiment and re-wear over and over again, ensuring you buy lesser, and get your value for money!

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