Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Monica & Karishma have always considered themselves to be travellers, wanderers, explorers. As creators their quest for inspiration has taken them to many corners and quarters of the country. But the most special journey to this day remains their journey to Ladakh. It is a journey that encompasses a sense of discovery, creativity and above all, a reverence of Indian heritage.

JADE’s 2014 collection ‘The Gompas of Ladakh’ was inspired by the Himalayan highlands and its meditative sanctums. After all, what better place is there to connect with one’s creative core, explore the spirituality of art and pay homage to a heritage that has given us so much? In 2019, they revisited the place in acknowledgement of their tenth anniversary. The creations resulting from this journey are inspired by the rich and reverent hues, sprawling landscapes, ethereal textures and an otherworldly aura.

For us, the sojourn to Ladakh is a pilgrimage. It may be different in appearance but it’s the same in spirit as the devotee who undertakes an arduous journey with childlike glee to meet the divine spirit from whom come all the answers and the inspiration. Experience a visual feast, of ancient heirloom jewellery and ornately handcrafted fabrics drifting through the hallowed hallways of Ladakh’s monasteries. Lose yourself in stories as old as time weaving in and out of our cherished creations and the mesmerising Gompas. Let’s go where time stands still and Gods whisper sweet blessings to the winds.

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