Heirloom Treasures for Modern Brides

Ever since we were young women and new brides, all we wanted was that one piece of garment we could not only call truly our own but also treasure for the rest of our lives, and eventually pass down to our future generations. This is one of the thoughts that led to us creating JADE.

Our couture pieces are crafted by hand, every detail carefully nurtured and realized by our master craftsmen. And because it’s woven entirely by hand, no two pieces are alike. Making each creation as unique as you are.

Why is this so important?

As women of today, the world is your oyster, the globe is your home. You can be wherever you want. An heirloom piece keeps that connection with your roots, your culture and your heritage alive. It’s a beautiful way of carrying a little bit of your home with you, and being able to pass it down. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to create your own kind of ritual.

Our bridal heirlooms are crafted to last forever, allowing you to effortlessly treasure it for a lifetime and pass it on to the future generations when the moment finally arrives.

To own an heirloom treasure means to own a piece of history that is unique, personal and resonates with your own story.

You can have your very own bridal heirloom too! Visit our stores or book an online consultation.