We have held a deep love and passion for the arts since our early days, and have always sought ways to bring that love into our craft as well. In fact, Monica has trained in the art forms of Warli and Madhubani too! 

The first manifestation of this commitment to crafts happened in the form of The Chanakya School of Craft. And now, we bring you ‘Threads of Love’ – JADE x The Gondwana Art Project in collaboration with Crafts and Community Development Foundation (CCDF) India. This is an edit comprising of our most treasured limited-edition heirloom Ek Taar pieces, integrated with some truly soul-searing Gond paintings, which will be set on display at the larger than life display windows of JADE’s flagship store at Peddar Road. 

The collection features pieces handcrafted with lush raw silk, dreamy tulle, and soft organza dipped in otherworldly hues of fuchsia pink, twilight purple, dusty rose, burgundy and more. Find stunning lehengas, dainty blouses, breezy skirts and glamorous jumpsuits among others – all exquisitely crafted with Ek Taar. 

In addition, you will also find a selection of specially designed scarves inspired by these folk paintings, under JADE Accessories. As galleries are still shuttered, we hope to give these artists get a platform at JADE’s flagship store. Join us in celebrating the unique and enchanting artistic heritage of our country via this memorable collaboration. Your support would mean the most to us and the artists who brought their paintings to life, as well as celebrate Indian art and craft in a unique way.

‘Threads of Love’ is now available for preview at our Mumbai and Hyderabad stores. Book your appointment today! 

Our artisans invoke the highest level of craftsmanship to create pieces that transcend barriers of traditional expectations while retaining the DNA of the craft itself. We choose to honour and celebrate this the only way we know best. 

‘Threads of Love’ is an edit that presents a hypnotic harmony of the country’s heirlooms and heritage in a way like never seen before. We lend our artistic vision to help support and sustain the arts & craft that are not only an intrinsic part of India’s economy but also the heart and soul of our cultural heritage, in its hour of greatest need. We have juxtaposed each ensemble against a unique indigenous folk art, to bring out the beauty that makes our country so unique and breathe new life into dying techniques. The result is pieces that are at once distinctly Indian but miraculously versatile, at once fitting into any setting and standing out from the clutter. The manifestation of our creative spirits and the artisans’ labour of love become timeless companions to the bride, perfectly attuned to the spirit of an intimate wedding. 

These carefully envisioned pieces invite the JADE Bride – our eternal muse – to step away from the noise, the chaos and the clutter, to take her eyes off the big picture and feast her senses on mindful luxury; on the elaborate, intricate and exquisite details, because that is where the divine is – in the luxuriant fabrics and intricate detailing, all made by hand, with nothing but love. There is infinite beauty and great luxury in intimate gatherings and celebrations. An abundance of love, a free-spirited joy, and above all, the sweet and tender moments. And these thoughtfully handcrafted pieces are meant for these precious times, to elevate every experience and align with the bride’s senses, feelings and beauty.