About Us




is the culmination of Monica Shah and Karishma Swali’s creative spirits, their love for handcraftsmanship and devotion for Indian heritage. They started this label with one goal in mind: to design couture pieces for women like themselves – free-spirited, discerning and who make their own rules, someone who walks the line between heritage and modernity with élan. Their passion for Indian artisanal excellence and their enthusiasm for modern innovations gives birth to a unique aesthetic; one that is quintessentially Indian yet distinctly global.



M&K Couture 

For brides who are also connoisseurs in their own right and want to create not just a memorable ensemble for themselves, but an experience too, Jade offers single-edition, absolutely personalised couture.

Every Heirloom Bride is accompanied by designers Monica and Karishma personally on her journey, at least six months in advance. Drawing inspiration from her desires, whimsy, nostalgia, or even a prized family heirloom, Monica and Karishma gently guide the Heirloom Bride through a process of co-creation in successive consultations.

Bridal Heirloom ensembles may yet be understated, but far more sophisticated in terms of intricacy and delicacy. Techniques harking back to older times are used; some so fine that they are almost light weight; ironically almost defying bridal garment expectations while adhering to tradition.

For the bride who appreciates workmanship, hand-crafting and art, as well as having her desire and spirit interpreted for this special time, M&K Bridal Heirloom offers a heightened experience, brimming with a sense of co-creative joy and indulgence.




Chanakya School of Craft

JADE is driven by a belief to help sustain and evolve Indian arts and crafts, as well as to empower the artisanal community and the women from less fortunate backgrounds to be masters of their own destiny. This belief sowed the seeds of The Chanakya School of Craft, under the patronage of our parent company Chanakya International.

When you choose a JADE creation, this legacy becomes yours as much as it is ours