About us



JADE is a confluence—of love for the artisanal heritage of our country and a passion
to re-imagine it as a modern fable of couture.

JADE garments are handcrafted stories—some of those stories are of our Indian arts and crafts.
And some of them are about you, the JADE woman, who honours tradition and aligns it effortlessly with her unique
sensibilities, sharpened by a thirst for life and adventure.

A JADE garment is created with the finest materials and the most skilled craftspeople the world has to offer.
You inform the design as much as heritage and our innovation crafts it for you. From unique colour palettes
that both defy and define classics to Indian artisanship that flourishes under our au courant patronage,
every JADE outfit is a result of the alchemy of the past and future.

This attention to detail, personalised storytelling, and respect for craftsmanship and its future has defined couture for JADE,
as well paved the way in which the brand can shoulder the responsibility of cultural sustainability. Luxury is handcrafted here, as a personalised
and unique chronicle of design and identity. JADE is a way of being, of wearing a classical memoir, innovatively reframed to reflect your
individual spirit and that of the future of Indian art and craft.



For our designers Monica Shah & Karishma Swali, JADE is a solid manifestation of their passion to delve deeper into the beauty of Indian art and craft. Their work with some of the most sought-after fashion houses in Italy was combined with their appetite for India’s artisanal heritage, to create a brand that is Indian in soul but international in its rendition. Their travels across the country and the world, have led them to reimagine the intricacies of traditional handicraft as contemporary classics. And in the process, they are able to lead a conversation on cultural sustainability and craftsmanship through stylish and contemporary attire.

The duo’s drive to give heritage handcraft its rightful position as timeless art through a contemporary reimagining, sets the tone for JADE Couture.