Bridal Consultation FAQS


Q. Can I visit your store without an appointment?
  • We recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure our fashion consultant is available to assist you.

Q. How far in advance should I schedule my Bridal Consultation?
  • We suggest you schedule your Bridal Consultation at least 6 months prior to your wedding. Please bear in mind all Bridal Couture ensembles are custom made to order only and hence have a lead time of 3 months to ensure trials and fittings.

Q. What is the price range of your bridal collections?
  • Our bridal collection starts at INR 1,50,000/ for a gown / lehenga set, our signature line M&K Bridal Couture Limited Edition starts at INR 5,00,000/ for a gown / lehenga set.

Q. How can I draw the most from my Online Bridal Consultation?
  • Our consultants are keen to help you find your dream ensemble. We recommend you give as much information as possible about your preferences to draw the maximum from our Online Bridal Consultation.

Q. I am skeptical about buying online, how can you allay my fears?
  • While there’s no denying there is no substitute to a personal visit to the store, our Online Bridal Consultations have been appreciated by brides who are at a distance or have busy schedules to navigate. We follow a hybrid model and a lot of the preliminary ground work can be laid via the online Consultation. We do not have a one size fits all approach and therefore we are able to customise and work around the brides requirement depending on the distance and convenience.​

Q. What if my preferred time / day isn't available?
  • Please email us at your preferred date and time, your local time zone and your Name, Cell phone and email address. We will revert to you within 24 hours.

Q. I am unable to cancel my appointment.
  • Appointments can only be cancelled upto 12 hours prior to the appointment. If you have a last minute emergency and need to cancel, please email us at

Questions / queries? Please email us at